Nitter put behind HTTP Basic Auth
Sorry for the inconvenience but I'm tired has been issuing DMCA notices against Twitter content accessed through our Nitter instance every week for almost six months. I spent a few months ignoring them but they started CCing our server provider, Hetzner.

For the last few months, Hetzner has been forwarding these notices to me and creating abuse tickets for every single one of them. They’ve started threatening to disable the IP address for NixNet’s primary server; this would effectively take all of NixNet down. I’ve responded to every single one of these abuse tickets, but in the last few, I also asked to speak with a real person from Hetzner to discuss the situation. I have received no response.

I’ve been dealing with this crap for months and I’m tired of it. I put Nitter behind an HTTP Basic Auth dialogue so the automated tools these individuals from are using won’t be helpful.

Most RSS readers will allow you to enter credentials when adding a feed. If not, try using this URL with embedded credentials and see if it works.

I apologise for the inconvenience but I’m tired of being inundated with senseless DMCA notices and of being threatened by our server provider.

Written by the pseudonymous Amolith on 30 December 2021
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