Support NixNet by making purchases and using these links

One of the easiest ways to support NixNet is to purchase products on these websites using the provided affiliate links.


Hetzner is where the majority of NixNet is currently running. They have some incredibly reliable VPSes at wonderful prices in addition to baremetal machines available for rent and colocation services. I very highly recommend them. Using the link below will give users €20 in cloud credit (for their VPS plans). Once you’ve spent at least €10 (not including those credits), we’ll receive €10 to cover our own expenses.


netcup is where NixNet used to run. They have great offerings at insane price points but we did have some unresolved bandwidth reliability issues and that’s what caused the move to Hetzner. They’re a good provider but I don’t know that I would recommend them for terribly important services with heavy bandwidth requirements.


All of my DNS resolvers, Tor exits, and LibreSpeed backends are on servers from BuyVM. I have had some issues with mounted media and, more recently, the Anycast IP addresses for DNS but, in general, it’s a high-quality provider with excellent customer support.

I have had some questions about what Frantech and BuyVM have to do with each other and the story there is an interesting one. Originally, Frantech was going to be similar to Digital Ocean with managed everything to make it as easy as possible to use. Because of that, the price was also higher. BuyVM was more of a DIY version with the same servers, hardware, and customer support but with more configurability. BuyVM was much more popular than Frantech so they ended up dropping it and focusing on BuyVM. Thus, Frantech is the “business” side and BuyVM is the place where you manage everything.

Here is my referral link. After registering, head to BuyVM to see their server offerings. If none are available (which is common), check out BuyVM Stock for getting notifications when a slice you want is available.


I’ve spent a lot of time looking for good domain registrars and NameSilo has reliably had the cheapest prices for every domain I’ve wanted. Their affiliate program isn’t quite as good as the others and they only offer $1 off but it’s better than nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Use the code NIXNET to get that discount and I’ll receive 10% of what you paid.

Privacy (odd name but apt), is a service that lets you create anonymous “burner” cards for purchases where you might normally use a debit or credit card. You add funds to your Privacy account and create single-use or multi-use cards with or without a spending limit. Numbers, expiration dates, and security codes are automatically generated. When giving your information to the merchant, you can provide whatever information you want and Privacy will confirm it. One of my use-cases is of course anonymity for online purchases but the “burner card” feature is fantastic for preventing services from charging you more than once for something. They operate as any other provider (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and charge the vendor a fee for every transaction so the service is completely free for users.

Using my affiliate link, we will both get $5 credit in our accounts. If you already have an account, you can enter my referral code, R5LE8, in the settings.

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